Sports Field and Landscape Consultants 
Our Mission and Profile


Moffitt and Associates mission is to provide accurate, independent and reliable consulting services on Sports Fields and Landscapes through site and operational analysis, budgeting, design, specifications and project observation.


  Company Profile

  Moffitt and Associates was formed in 2004 by Richard T. Moffitt to provide consulting services to clients        and managers in all aspects of sports fields and landscape development, design, construction observation    and management.

  Moffitt and Associates believes in working with teams of professionals, to provide what is necessary for        the Sports Field and/or Landscape to be usable, beautiful safe and   sustainable.  We believe in not only      representing the owner but also the sports field and/or   landscape. In addition, we draw on our extensive      background in the facilities management   and construction of sports fields and landscapes.

  New Orleans Zephyrs Stadium